At last, the Great Drug Debate has begun….

I’m glad to see the spirit of my post of 22 February, 2012 has started to take root. With the report recently out of an eminent persons group lead by Dr. Alex Wodak and which includes the Foreign Minister and ex-ALP NSW State Premier Bob Carr, it is safe to say the Great Drug Debate has started. Let’s hope it is filled with reason and common sense, unlike the several attempts in the past to get reason into this incredibly emotive subject.

Let the Debate begin….

2 Replies to “At last, the Great Drug Debate has begun….”

  1. Drugs bring in toooooooooooo much money for Governments and organisation such as MI5, CIA, etc plus they were a deliberate introduction to destroy a generation by the “ones in control” during the 60s etc. If drugs were made legal Wall Street would collapse. Go to the Protocols of Zion .We don’t want the masses knowing what is going on!. Gee the police too get so much from kick backs , bribes, taking the money from the dealers homes.Sure the lawyers etc would love the cocaine to be cheaper.

  2. Alice,

    Thanks for the feedback. Haven’t posted for a while, but with world politics as it currently exists I couldn’t resist any longer. More in the future. Be interested in any feedback from my latest editions.

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